Friday, October 28, 2016

Message from Humanitarian Club- Operation Gratitude

Dear students and parents of LHS,

Halloween is quickly approaching and we are stocking up on candy as well as costumes. November 1st, however, will find us with large bowls of leftover candy or with candy we either don’t like or can’t eat that we received from trick or treating. 

While it is tempting to keep the sweets until next year’s Halloween (or eat it all yourself!), the Humanitarian Club has offered a great opportunity to send extra candy to soldiers overseas who don’t have the chance to share in Halloween festivities back home. 

Please bring any candy donations, as well as small donations of toothbrushes or other personal care items, to Mrs. Harvey’s room (room 209) where they will be boxed and sent to American troops. The last day for collection is Wednesday, November 9th

Thank you for your continued effort in spreading joy to our neighbors!